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April  14th – 24rd 2013

Tbilisi, Georgia

For the first time, from 14 April to 24 April 2013, the “Intercultural Creative Factory Solothurn” (Interkulturelle Kreativwerkstatt Solothurn) www.schrift-bilder.ch organizes in cooperation with the League of Young Voluntary Georgian (LYVG) and the Tbilisi National Youth Palace http://youthpalace.ge/ an international exchange project for 10 days with young people aged 18–25 from 5 various countries in Caucasus/ Georgia/Tbilisi. 

We have 25 participants from 5 countries:

Switzerland The interkulturelle Kreativwerkstatt (Solothurn)

Georgia         The League of Young Voluntary Georgian (LYVG)

Armenia        Voluntary Service  of  Armenia (HUJ)                                                   

Latvia            Art Academy of Latvia (Riga)

Belgium        Service Volontaire International (SVI)

The interkulturelle Kreativwerkstatt Solothurn is the name of a small union of local artists, working in the region of Solothurn. There is a writer, a photographer, a painter, a guitarist and off-and-on some other artists working together on different projects like performances, expositions etc. The Creative Workshop was awarded the 2002 prize by the Regiobank Solothurn and the 2003 prize “conTAKT’03” given by Migros Cultural Percentage.

The intercultural art workshop is a special exchange project to work with kids, for which we seek the help of international volunteers. The idea of the project is the create painting with texts written in different languages. 25 young people, artists from 5 different countries can  to share their artistic ideas through these texts and to be able to understand the diversity which is bringing richness to the  society,  to let  touch by the art and to start an intercultural dialogue between the international groups of volunteers, the artists, the kids and the local public. Volunteers paint their texts using various techniques on canvas.

The Georgian children are looking forward to meeting international volunteers in the workshop and to working with them.  At the end of the project volunteers will help to organize an exposition show their art to the public. The paintings will be sold and the money will be used to initiate further projects aiming to enhance intercultural dialogue. Volunteers work 6 hours a day, no work on weekends.

“Intercultural Creative Factory Solothurn” (Interkulturelle Kreativwerkstatt Solothurn)



Interkulturelle Kreativwerkstatt Solothurn
Weissensteinstrasse 81
CH-4503 Solothurn
E-mail: creafact@solnet.ch
Tel. + 41 078 774 94 18