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July 22nd - August 3rd 2019

In cooperation with “Swiss Interfaith Women” - a member of the umbrella organization International Association of Liberal Religious Women (1910) and “Intercultural Creative Factory Solothurn” (Interkulturelle Kreativwerkstatt Solothurn)

The young adult women from Switzerland and young women (between 18-30) from other countries will do a creative art work with scriptures, alphabets, texts around the subject of “Peace” in a free expression, with the usual tools and materials.

Followed by the exhibition from August 2nd – 10th, 2019 in Zwinglihaus of the Reformed Church of Basel, where the “Forum für Zeitfragen” is taking up the issues of interfaith dialogue

Description of the project

“Religion and Art” follows the already existing project of “intercultural images of scripture” (Schriftbilder) of the “Kreatiwerkstatt” and offers on the basis of their excellent experiences an additional dimension with a religious approach. So participants shall already represent various religious backgrounds (Christian, Muslim, Jewish… e.g.).

In various exchange groups, in living together, cooking together “religious” meals, working together the young women exchange cultural, religious, political, social and art questions. Differences and similarities become obvious and will influence the discussions. Such experi-ences will reinforce ones identity, as we learn better understand our own background through the difference of others, their perspective and their experience.

The project forwards respect and works for peace prevention. Together the participants reflect their own religious background, language and the differences and commons. Their cultural, religious and female roots and identities become visible. This motivates the common creative work. Art, religion and culture bring up forces and energies and strengthen the young people. Interfaith dialogue may arise. Diversity becomes an enriching experience. Art, religion and culture offer by their dynamics of expression and images a chance to build bridges of communication.

During the project the Swiss Interfaith Women and Interkulturelle Kreativwerkstatt takes responsibility for the cost of board and lodging. Travel costs are individual and are not covered. The Swiss Interfaith Women and Interkulturelle Kreativwerkstatt do not provide insurance coverage against accidents and illness risks. To get sufficient insurance coverage lies within the volunteers’ own responsibility.

No age limit for a group leader (pocket money 200 CHF).


!! expected August 2020 date to be confirmed !!

This international project is organised by the “Intercultural Creative Factory Solothurn” (Interkulturellen Kreativwerkstatt Solothurn), which has existed since 1995.

The intercultural text images project has been going since 2006 and will be carried out for the 15th time in August 2020. Young people from Switzerland – both from immigrant families and other backgrounds – will be working together with around twenty 18-30 year old people from various countries such as Israel, Georgia, Germany, Iran, Spain, etc. to create intercultural text images. The project will take place in Solothurn, Switzerland.

In workshop conversation and during communal life and work, these young people will discuss political, social and artistic subjects; these are bound to show not only cultural differences but also commonalities.

REMARK: Registration by e-mail: tbilisi84@rambler.ru  or  wc-georgia-lyvg@rambler.ru

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