A g e  & L a n g u a g e:

You must be at least 16 years old and not older than 26. To participate you need knowledge of English. This knowledge must be good enough in order to communicate. In German-speaking projects you have to be able to speak basic German already.

A p p l i c a t i o n:

ALLIANCE partner cannot accept direct applications. You must turn with CV and VEF application to LYVG in Georgia. After the interview in the LYVG's office and by signing the application form, you accept our conditions. In case you are younger than 18, one of your parents have to sign in addition.

Once we have received your application form, we will confirm your place. Detailed information about the camp and map(s), photos, helpful links, will be available on the website but can also be sent by email or - if necessary - by postal mail. Your Original Invitation Letter you will receive in the LYVG's office.

R u l e s   d u r i n g   p r o j e c t:

Work camps (short) program with ALLIANCE in EU countries - 2-3 weeks.

By applying, every participant is obliged to work for the corresponding project (about 25 - 30 hours per week) and to contribute to the necessary work in the camp, such as cooking, shopping etc. Failure to take part in the work could lead to exclusion from the project by ALLIANCE partner organization.

Changes to the specific nature of the work can arise and do not release the participant from the obligation to work, providing that there are no unreasonable demands connected with the work.

In case of using the projects for tourism or guest traveling we will inform the responsible authority: Embassy or Consulate.

V i s a,  c o s t s  &  I n s u r a n c e:

For Europa (Schengen) you don‘t need a VIZA.

ALLIANCE partner meets the costs of accommodation, food, some leisure activities for the group and insurance (health, accident, liability – but not theft), for the duration of the camp. This means that  accommodation and food are FREE.

You have to pay travel costs, pocket money yourself and you must contribute to the cost of excursions and other group activities (depending on the project).

R e g i s t r a t i o n   &  P a r t i c i p a c i o n  F e e:

The amount of the Registration and Participation Fee is dependent on countries and projects.

The Registration and Participation Fee must be paid transferred together with your application to LYVG's account in TBC-BANK of GEORGIA:

KONTO-Nr. 123070882  EURO  

KONTO-Nr. 100700036  GEL

TEENAGER-Projects and some projects with LANGUAGE COURSE and ART-THEATER-FOTO-VIDEO-SPORT WC’s have EXTRA FEE, that must be paid at the arrival by the ALLIANCE partner organization.

ACTION 1 (Seminar/Training) and EVS ACTION 2 with EU support is FOR FREE.

Selection of participants for the Action 1 (Seminar/Training) and EVS Action 2 with EU support is based on the documents followed by Personal Interview in LYVG's office.

C a n c e l l a t i o n s:

The participation fee (incl. consultation and registration) will not be paid back in case of cancellation after you have received confirmation from ALLIANCE partner. 

LYVG will offer you the other project if EU partner cancels the camp. 


Please note that the selection of participants for all programs is based on the documents followed by Personal Interview in LYVG's office.


Registration for the International Exchange Volunteer Projects with ALLIANCE is possible

from the end of March.

Tourism elements, therefore, are never volunteer's program priority.

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