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1 - 2 or 3 months from the first Saturday in every month during the year !!


“TEMI CHARITABLE UNION” is situated in GREMI 170 km from capital of Georgia Tbilisi in Kvareli District of KAKHETI. This is one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia. The region is famous for its architectural monuments (about 5000 monuments). The most significant one is the Lagodekhi National Park – the natural reserve in Georgia opened in 1912 (it occupies 17 818 h of land of which 12 146 h is covered with woods). UNESCO has listed Lagodekhi National Park among the monuments of worldwide importance.


TEMI was first started as a charity in 1989 to help the socially disadvantaged (orphans; half orphans; the physically and mentally disabled; the poor; the homeless; the isolated and lonely; single mothers; IDP-s refuges; the unemployed; disenfranchised and marginalized youth; the elderly and others). There are 65 persons living in TEMI (the youngest being one year old and the oldest 75 years old). TEMI community was founded in 1991 and over the years the family grew to more than 100 people of different ages and backgrounds who were living and working together. TEMI welcomes residents of all ages, capacities, nationalities and seeks to provide a warm and supportive environment for children and adults with physical and mental disabilities as well as orphan minors. TEMI encourages learning for all its residents and tries to incorporate education in all facets of daily life. The plot of 22 ha of land (inc. 7 ha for wine yard) that accompanies the home is used to grow vineyard and garden, bake bread, work in a carpentry workshop etc., which promotes self sufficiency and independence and teamwork. There are still a lot of things to be done in the Community.


Tent, two-floor house or not completed buildings. 2 Toilets and 2 showers are available + 1 general toilet. Includes 2 rooms for 2 – 6 person. The free places depend on period of time.


Will be provided three times a day (vegetables, fruits, meet, fish - few days a week).


Helping residents of the TEMI community in constructing works, working in the garden, cleaning, games, teaching, caring for fosterlings and helping them in their daily activities. Naturally enough, we encourage able-bodied volunteers to participate in the heavier physical work. We don’t insist on this, but are most appreciative if you choose to participate. The normal working hours are six hours a day for 6 days a week. If you are doing a heavy job for a few hours, you can combine it with lighter agricultural work, such as planting/weeding/watering; teaching, helping with household chores, organized leisure activities etc. You may also change the combination of tasks during the period of your stay. The majority of volunteers do not find the work onerous, but accept that it is a natural way to integrate effectively with the community. TEMI constructing works – to help artisans’ team; organic farming, vineyard (digging, mowing, weeding, sowing, planting, harvesting); taking care of the cows, chickens and the bees; wood workshop/carpentry/cabinet making – professional production – limited access largely dependent upon the experience of the individual volunteer; help in the kitchen (washing dishes, serving, etc); help in the maintenance of the residence; working with community vulnerable members and other fosterlings: taking care of the physical condition of certain residents; teaching overall skills, games, sport games, hiking, etc; teaching - learning workshops:  music, pottery, drawing, arts, etc.; help in staging a play / other entertainment. Day off – Sunday.

  1.    The Volunteer needs to be interested in social, educational work.

  2.     Volunteers should be flexible and willing to work with/together with children, love children.

  3.     It is preferable that the volunteer will have some experience in working with children.

  4.     It is preferable that the volunteer will have some practice in farming. 

  5.     It is preferable that the volunteer will be creative.

  6.     Volunteers should be willing to become a part of big family.

TEMI vision is a sustainable Community where people live together safely, with dignity and respect for each other, other human beings and the environment, committed to provide best quality health and social care to its members and to enable them to develop their full potential as individuals and as a group.

TEMI aims:

I. To provide a safe and stimulating environment in which socially vulnerable people can develop to their full potential;

II. To achieve “I” above via social enterprise; developing TEMI’s capacity to earn an income in order to be self-sustainable and to ensure our long-term survival;

III. To achieve both “I” and “II” above via environmentally friendly treatment of the earth and nature, so as not to sacrifice moral values and common good to a short-term gain.


Not necessary but recommended - some kind of working clothes and sleeping bags with you. You can also bring your music instruments, toys, songs and music and of course your good mood and your creativity.


Volunteers will participate in meetings and excursions and will have opportunity to visit historical monuments and sightseeing. They will also have chance to participate in some sport trainings.

LANGUAGE: English, German, Russian, Georgian. 

THE LIMITATION OF THE PROGRAM: max 5 persons at the same time.

AGE: 18 - 30 +

PARTICIPATION FEE:  150,00 - 200,00 EUR for 14 - 20 days; 300,00 EUR  for the first month and the following months 200, 00 EUR.

REMARK: No smoking, no drinking,no drugs and sex during the working hours in the working place!!


Direct flights from the European and Asian countries to Tbilisi National Airport. The minibuses that go to Gremi are located at the Tbilisi metro U-stations “Ortachala” or “Isani”. The ticket costs approximately 10,00 Lari (5,00 Euro). By arrangement (if desired) 50,00 Euro for pick up from airport to the cost of boarding in TEMI.


Please inform us about your arrival details in order to make meeting place and time more comfortable for you.

Participation fee is to be paid upon arrival.

C O N T A C T 

TEMI Community Home

President: Mr. NIKA KVASHALI


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