1.   AISI Social Rehabilitation and Adaptation  Centre /Tbilisi

  2.   BEDIANI Children’s Centre 

  3.   Charitable Union of large families of Georgia "FOR FUTURE OF GEORGIA" NGO

  4.   CFP "Centre (of) Free Pedagogic" NGO /Tbilisi (EU partner

  5.   DRAMA ACADEMY "FutureWorld" /Tbilisi

    (an integrated language learning Experience in English for all ages and skill levels)  

  1.   Environment and ecology protection Union  "ATSKURI"

  2.   ERTOBA Foundation of the International Relations

  3.   "Foundation for the development of human resources” (FDHR)

  4.   Georgian children journal "NAKADULI"

  5.   Georgian National Museum & G. Chitaia Museum of Ethnography

  6.   GURJAANI "Boarding School"

  7.   IDP Women Association "Consent";

  8.   International Association "Women of Georgia for Peace and Life"


  1.   KACHRETI "Boarding School"

  2.   "KEDELI" NGO (The Union of  Therapy of Socially Disabled people in Sighnaghi Region) 

  3.   KEDEC Centre of Education, Employment and Development "Education and Universe"/Kutaisi

  4.   "MKURNALI" Association NGO

  5.   Tbilisi Free From State Civil Versatile School Lyceum  (ESM)

  6.   "TEMI Charitable Union" of GREMI                 

  7.   UNION "Interethnic initiatives for the development of civil society" NGO Kutaisi


The ALLIANCE has a lot of partners in Europe, America and Asia. Membership of the ALLIANCE is opening to national NGO’s involved in international voluntary service in Europe. Member organizations promote international understanding, peace and voluntary service that enable people, particularly young people, to encounter and exchange with different cultures. Full membership is open to organizations from a member state of the Council of Europe but organizations from other countries can become Associate Members.                          

Alliance of European Volutary Service Organisations
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