1.     Participation in GENERAL CONFERENCE (GA) and in TECHNICAL MEETING of ALLIANCE of European

      Voluntary Service Organizations in Armenia TM 2004, Turkey TM 2007, France TM 2008, GA Ukraine

      2008, TM Italy 2009, TM Germany 2010 and TM Armenia 2011 

  1.     Participation in the Conference ALLIANCE Post Camp Event  “When East meets West" in Yerevan/   

      Armenia (HUJ), January 2006  

  1.     Participation in the Conference ALLIANCE Post Camp Event  “How to improve and support the

      active participation of young people with less opportunities in international projects” in

      Athen/Greece, May 2007

  1.     Participation in the Latvian – Georgian NGO Forum “Moving towards the EU” about integration into

      the Europe with the Internet platform of the Nongovernmental organizations of Georgia and Latvia.

      Tbilisi/Georgia. 05 - 07 October 2005   

  1.     EU-CIS Training Course on Youth Programme Partnership Building and Project Management. With

      the support of the European Commission. Organisers: ICYE International Office Minsk, Belarus

      03 - 09 March 2005

  1.     Training Course on Refugees, Migrants and IDP’s in EECA and EU countries "Youth volunteering in

      sensitive contexts" (ICYE - AYAFE).  With the support of the Youth Programme of the European

      Community.  Organisers: ICYE International Office in cooperation with AYAFE, Azerbaijan

      04-10 February 2006  

  1.     Training Course on Volunteer Management in International Youth Organizations “Empowering and

      Motivation Young Volunteers” (ICYE - ADVIT). With the support of the Youth Programme of the

      European Community. Organizers: ICYE International Office in cooperation with ADVIT Moldova.

      Chisinau, Moldova December 07-13 2006

  1.     Preparation of MID TERM EVALUATION – MEETING of the Multilateral EVS Project “Europe and

      Human Rights” (ICYE) in cooperation with HUJ  voluntary service of Armenia and AYAFE Azerbaijan

      in Tbilisi/Georgia, January 2007

  1.     Seminar "Accept me as I am" with GENÇTUR (ALLIANCE) in Izmir /Turkey October 2007

  2.     SALTO Leader training “Journey of peace: How to integrate young refugees through local

      volunteering” in Brussels/Belgium, July 2007 and in Mollina/Spain, September/October 2007; an

      activity that was developed in the frame of the “University on Youth and Development (UYD)”, 

      which is taking place every year at the CEULAJ, in Mollina, and is supported by the Council of

      Europe, Youth Forum, Spanish National Agency, and The North-South Center.

      (“Youth Action for Peace”).

  1.     International Training Course ,,Model Of Youth Tolerance” with Azerbaijan Youth Parliament,

      in Baku/Azerbaijan, April 2008.

  1.     International Training Course "Unity in Diversity"  with  Azerbaijan Volunteers Public Union 

      in Baku/Azerbaijan, April 2008.

  1.     Action 1 Youth Exchange “I am young Shakespeare” with  and ESM Lyceum

      in Mugla/Turkey, June 2008

  1.     Regional Conference: Free Media Bridges from East and west Europe and Caucasus: youth,  media

      and education. Organizers: Caucasus University, Youth4media, EUROPEJSKI DOM SPOTKAN,

      Education and culture (NGO meeting with the Foundation of the International Relations "ERTOBA")

      in Tbilisi/ Georgia, October  2008

  1.     Training Course ”MEDIA SAPIENS Communication Skills and Media in Youth Projects” with 

      “Life Zone” and support of European Commission (Youth in Action Programme Action 4.3),

      Pärnu/ Estonia, October 2008

  1.     International Conference "The Right that makes us human beings" on behalf of the Foundation

     “Remembrance, Responsibility and Future” Nuremberg Human Rights Center NHRZ, “Learning from

      history” and “Akademie Caritas-Pirckheimer-Haus in Nuremberg/Germany, November 2008.

  1.     December 2008 –January 2009 Training Camps/CULT by CSM - Chantiers Sociaux Marocains

      with Pottery workshop in Zagora/ South of Morocco.

  1.     Open Houses‘ partner organizations‘ meeting “Voluntary projects in the fields of conservation,

      ecological building techniques, preservation of nature and sustainability, Germany, March 2010

  1.   Training Course „A Society for Everyone - Strategies against Discrimination” (Training course on

      different forms of discrimination and how to develop activities against it) with SLOVENSKO-

      GRUZINSKY SPOLOK(Slovak-Georgian Society) and ”Academy for Peace and Development” (APD)

      Georgia in Kobuleti, Georgia,  April 2009

  1.     Training Course  in Estonia/ Paernu “Media Sapiens – Communication Skills and Media  in Youth  

      Projects” with “Life Zone” (Action 4.3) EU Commission Youth in Action Programme,

      25–30 May 2009

  1.     International Training course "Youth Replicating Innovative Strategies and Excellence in HIV/AIDS

      prevention" in Moldova/Chisinau,  ADVIT Moldova, October/November  2009

  1.     Seminar by “Vereinigung Junger Freiwilliger“ (VJF) "We Are Sustaining The Environment “WASTE”

      Berlin/Germany, May 2010

  1.     Seminar „Youth for democracy“, Part I – Vilnius/Lithuania, August 2010

  2.     Training Course “Cooperation with quality – Project management training for cooperation with

      neighboring partner countries” with SLOVENSKO-GRUZINSKY SPOLOK (Slovak-Georgian Society)

      and Academy for Peace and  Development (APD), Tbilisi, Georgia in Kobuleti, Georgia, 

      22 - 29 September 2010

  1.     Seminar “Youth for Democracy”, Part II – Riga/Latvia, November 2010

  2.     Seminar “Developing EVS projects in Eastern Europe and Caucasus Countries” in Cadca, Slovakia,

      January 2011

  1.     German – Russian –  Georgian  Youth Meeting ” Show your Commitment to nonviolent

      communication” with „Nothelfergemeinschaft der Freunde“ e.V. in Düren/Germany,

      July–August 2011

  1.     „4th Youth Organizations Forum of Georgia Volunteering, Active Citizenship and Youth Policy“ with

      Academy for Peace and  Development (APD), Tbilisi/Georgia, Dezember 2011

  1.     SALTO FORUM „Eastern dimension of volunteering“ co-organized by Polish National Agency of the

      Youth in Action (YiA) Program together with SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus (SALTO EECA)

      Resource Centre in Warsaw/Poland, Dezember 2011

  1.     International Training Seminars for Work Camp Leaders in Germany (ITS) with IJGD


  1.     STUDY SESSION with ALLIANCE on „Strengthening intercultural learning impact of voluntary

      programs for the local communities“ at the European Youth Centre (EYC) in Strasbourg/France,

      Februar 2012

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